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For our 6th event, we are excited to hold the first Women’s Tattoo Summit. We have curated a powerhouse group of female leaders in the tattoo industry to share their stories, struggles, wisdom, and best practices in art, tattooing, life, and business. During your 3 days in Los Angeles, our presenters will offer art & tattoo learning seminars, tattoo history education, and inspirational talks from the female perspective.

The best and brightest will spend 3 days learning and discussing best practices in tattooing, developing yourself as a conscious, authentic leader, working effectively, balancing personal and professional life, developing purpose in your work, building a more inclusive workplace, managing mental health as an artist, and creating a greater impact in the world. 

Men and Women go through different experiences. Even though these experiences can be drastically diverse, we all have the ability to listen, learn, teach, and help motivate one and other. Now is the time for us to stop contrasting our differences, and maximize the strengths that each individual has to offer our industry.

We’re welcoming people of all gender identities to the Explorer Tattoo Conference Women’s Summit. We know that only by increasing the inclusiveness can we pave the way for change. Men can offer action that will lead to greater equality. With the agreement and commitment of all gender identities, we can design greater change. Our hope for attendees, who do not identify as female, is to lend support for gender diversity & to better understand how to be an ally.

The Explorer Tattoo Conference is for professional tattoo artists only.

Previous locations include:

Washington, DC June 2017
Chicago, IL October 2017
St. Louis, MO May 2018
Los Angeles, CA September 2018
St. Louis, MO May 2019

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Our conferences are the best way for professional tattoo artists to network and learn. Our goal is to help you hone your craft.