Founded in early 2017, The Explorer Tattoo Conference’s original goal was to create a learning event for professional tattooers unlike anything the industry has ever seen. We take some of the world’s greatest, most respected tattooers — their insights, knowledge, and experiences — and make them accessible to our attendees. Every presenter will be in attendance alongside you each day of the conference. During the entire three days, our presenters and organizers are here for you and completely available. This is your chance to hear their stories, ask your questions, and even receive critiques. 

With attendance, you will be granted unlimited access to all seminars and panel presentations. You will take home a goodie bag, which has previously included things like a conference pin, lanyard, ink, aftercare, tube, and needle samples.

Tattoo conventions are a lot of fun; there is energy, excitement, and you get to do tattoos around your friends. Explorer Tattoo Conference is not a tattoo convention! It is three days of networking, learning, and growing as a tattoo artist. You will rub elbows with hundreds of artists all similarly looking to improve their art and tattooing abilities. Unlike other conference series, you do not have to choose between what seminars to take as you have access to every seminar. Each presenter tailors their seminar to make an impact no matter what style of tattoo you make.

The Explorer Tattoo Conference is for professional tattoo artists only

Previous locations include:

  • Washington, DC June 2017
  • Chicago, IL October 2017
  • St. Louis, MO May 2018
  • Los Angeles, CA September 2018
  • St. Louis, MO May 2019
  • Los Angeles, CA November 2019
  • Dallas, TX September 2021
  • Philadelphia, PA March 2022
  • Fort Wayne, IN August 2022
  • Los Angeles, CA March 2023
  • Washington, DC May 2023