9:45a-10:30a Check-In and Registration(University of Saint Francis Performance Center)

10:30a Conference Starts- Welcome Jake Farris

10:45a-12:30p Dan Pemble – Building a Tattoo

12:30p-1:30p Lunch Break

1:30p- 3:15p Squire Strahan

3:15p-3:30p Break

3:30p-5:15p Dave Tevenal
5:30p Closing


7:30p Party on the River (The Deck)


10a-10:10a Conference Starts- Jes Farris

10:10a-10:30 Removery

10:30a-12:15p Critique with Dan Pemble, Liz Cook
Launchpad w/ Russ Abbott

12:30p-1:30p Lunch Break

1:30p- 3:15p Liz Cook – Color Perception & Manipulation

3:15p-3:30p Break

3:30p-5:15p Gia Rose – Tattooing & Design for Diverse Skin Tones

5:30p Closing


7:30p Portfolio Reviews (Sidecar/Copper Spoon)


10:00a-10:30a Conference Starts- Jake Farris

10:30a-12:30p BJ Betts – Lettering Workshop

12:30a-1:30p Lunch Break

1:30p-3:15p Timmy B

3:15p-3:30p Break

3:30p-5:30p Panel Discussion and Q&A

8:00p Karaoke Party (Freemason’s Hall)