Dan Pemble

Dan is one of the finest educators in tattooing. Whether it's in his shop or in front of an audience, Dan offers knowledge that help tattooers of any style.

Jes Farris

Jes over analyzes everything in his life. The daily operation in his tattoo shops & how social media audiences react to tattoos are no exception. Everything has a process.

Jake Farris

A 15-year veteran of tattoo shop operation, Jake created the business model that has been replicated by the most efficient shops across the world.

Teresa Sharpe

Past Presenters

Aimee Cornwell

Andres Acosta

Kelly Doty

Dave Tevenal

DJ Tambe

Timmy B

Liz Cook

Justin Hartman

Peter Lagergren

Russ Abbott

Nick Baxter

Teresa Sharpe

Cody Eich

Melody Mitchell

Jonathan Penchoff

Joe Capobianco

Stefano Alcantara

Tony Moore

Kari Barba


Kelly Violet

Joshua Bowers


Kyle Cotterman

Dr. Jinxi Caddel

Nathan Evans

Squire Strahan

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